A Guide to Water Softener Sizes

Water Softener Size

Doing the research before you get a water softener can save a lot of money for you, since choosing the wrong size of water softener could great impact how effective it is in your home. Factors that go into choosing a water softener is how hard your water softener is, the size of the home, the water usage for that home, where the water softener will be stored and how much does the unit cost to purchase and maintain.... Continue Reading

How To Tell If You Have Hard Water?

hard water

Several areas can be affected by hard water, and identifying them is the easiest way to minimize the problem before it gets worse, costing you hundreds of dollars. Starting with the bathroom, lime scale buildup can happen on the faucet or the showerheads. It’s very easy to see if you have a ring around the tub or even the toilet that comes quickly even after cleaning.... Continue Reading

Grain Capacity Not Always As Advertised In Water Softeners

Advertised In Water Softeners

Running across a water softener that advertises that it has a large capacity is the norm nowadays, especially from newer companies looking to make a quick buck. They advertise large capacities, much larger than competitors, and in the process lure customers into the belief that their system is better than the lower capacity models.... Continue Reading

Causes & Effects of Contaminated Water

Causes & Effects of Contaminated Water

With so much water available to people, it has become a worldwide problem that something so plentiful is treated so poorly. Water has reacted, and as a result it can be as deadly as any disease or as helpful as any vitamin. How water is treated goes a long way in it being something you want to drink or totally avoid.... Continue Reading