Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filters Reviews

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Reverse osmosis systems are rare compared to other methods of getting pure water, but it is common enough to where there is a booming industry dedicated to getting customers the best water possible without any bad minerals. The old reverse osmosis systems that many have become used to were old, slow, clunky and complicated. Today’s systems are simplistic and modernized to work with newer kitchens, making them a valuable asset to buyers that want the best water possible but don’t want to deal with the headaches of older reverse osmosis systems.... Continue Reading

Best Berkey Water Filter Reviews

Berkey Water Filter

This well-known company has a roster of incredible products that has taken the market by storm. Berkey water filters have the versatility to be used at home, on the road, or even in the office. They are the perfect all in one solution for people that just want pure water without the hassle of multiple pieces of equipment. All of their products are made with high volume filters and large reservoirs, with the ability to handle a small group of people or even a large group.... Continue Reading

Best Whole House Water Filter Reviews

Whole House Water Filter

Before water softeners there were whole house water filters, and they still sell at a rapid pace even in a water softener dominated market. The biggest draw with these systems are the simple installation and low maintenance costs. Even a consumer that has never installed a plumbing appliance before can install a whole house water filter without any problems. The biggest thing to change the water filter industry was the modernization of the actual filters, which became so easy to change that the prices went down tremendously as the market grew.... Continue Reading

Best Under Sink Water Filter Reviews

Under Sink Water Filter

For buyers that opted out of having an entire whole home softening system, many have instead decided on filtering the water under the kitchen faucet, one of the most used faucets in the house. There are a lot of solutions, but only a few that are worth taking a look at and spending your money on. Listed below are the best under sink water filters and what they can do for your kitchen.... Continue Reading

Best Countertop Water Filter Reviews and Comparison

Best Countertop Water Filter

Whether using a countertop water filter for the home or for traveling it is an essential little device to have if you want filtered water. The painless installation of these units make them a popular little attachment for those that want delicious filtered water. Below is a list of the some of the leading counter water filters available.... Continue Reading

Best Water Distiller Reviews

Best Water Distiller

The simple process of distilling water is one that can be seen in coffeemakers and even tea makers, but isn’t fully realized unless you get a water distiller. All of the items are a simple push button start, and don’t overcomplicate the process of getting fresh pure water in a matter of hours. With a few days you can have a garage full of full bottles of pure water, all for a fraction of the cost it would cost if you had got it pre-bottled. The distillation process is very strict and gets over 90% of harmful chemicals out of water, leaving you with fresh tasting goodness each and every time. Although these distillers come with filters, many find them optional and only necessary to enhance the taste of the water if you have specifically bad water. Other than that you can save money on the filters and just let these great little machines do their jobs.... Continue Reading

What Is the Best Water Filter Pitcher?

Water Filter Pitcher

When selecting a water filter the prices will always be low, as this was meant from the ground up to be a low cost solutions for houses that wanted quick, fresh cold water. All of the replacement filters are competitively priced, and because of how the industry has grown over the years there is no price gouging from any of the companies. There is nothing complicated about using a water filter pitcher, and that is why they are still so popular in so many households.... Continue Reading