The Essential Qualities of a Filter Press

If you are a part of manufacturing industry, then chances are you must be aware of what filter press is. It is actually a machine that separates liquid from solid. The machine consists of two ends- one is feed-head that delivers slurry, and the other one is the crosshead embedded with a clamping mechanism. A filter unit is capable of handling intense pressure to a slurry pump, which helps manufactures to remove solids from the chemicals used. Industries like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, beverages, food processing, and various liquid manufacturing companies use filter press to keep their final products clean and free from toxic elements.

There are different types of filter units available each having its own purpose and objective. All of them are constructed and designed using some set criteria of features and qualities that are typical of them and ultimately define their usefulness. In this article, we have listed some attributes that you can expect from a filter press and gain an insight about them. Let's talk about them in detail:

1. In its bare bones, a typical filter press contains components such as frame, filter plate, closing device, filter plate back, and other additional elements. The structure of a filter press could be either side-bar or the overhead-beam design. And, it's the filter plate which is responsible for defining the overall size of the filter press unit.

2. There are basically three types of filter press available. They are: chamber filter presses, membrane filter presses, and plate & frame filter presses. Each of them has its own set of benefits and uses. Chamber filter is considered to be reliable and compatible across a variety of situations, and they can handle pressure ranging from 6 bars, 15 bars and 30 bars.

3. Filter presses intake only one batch at a time. The machine can easily hold a significant amount of material at a time and complete the process one by one at a great speed. With its amazing solid/liquid separation functionality, the machine can process the slurry into finished substances.

4. Another determinant that defines the measurement of filter press is how much it slurry it can process. Small filter units are capable of handling only small batches, so for those running large manufacturing units or expecting huge outputs shouldn't go for small units. So, first determine your needs and then decide on the size you want to go with. Apart from this, it is important to ensure which machine has the ability to deliver the expected level of results. It is always recommended to choose a machine that can complement the mechanical processes.

Having a filter press is a great help for industries to produce refined products. However, the goal always should be installing a machine which can produce better results without putting extra efforts.


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